Recent Projects.

The projects listed below span 2023 and 2024 and include a mix of prototypes, user interfaces, and user experiences that demonstrate my skills in design, product management, and front-end development.

  • - UX - Figma

    Take a closer look at how's UX came to be. From initial wireframes to the prototypes I put together, see the process of translating podcast marketing needs into a user-centered design with Figma.

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  • - TailwindCSS + Jinja2

    Discover my journey of building's frontend. A year into learning TailwindCSS and Jinja2, I've crafted the site's interface, embracing HTMX and Alpine.js for dynamic, responsive elements.

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  • Shotgun Spread - UX - Framer

    For brocure style websites such as this one, it is faster to simply jump right into Framer to lay out the UX.

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  • Shotgun Spread - UI - Framer

    A breakdown of the website's visual design with various components highlighted.

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  • Endeavoring Co. - Framer

    Another Framer implementation for a Figma design that was provided by the client.

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  • This website - Next.js and TypeScript

    No case study here, I just wanted to refresh my website and see what TypeScript and NextJS was all about.


Past Projects.

Here's a few of product management and UX/UI projects I've done prior to 2023.

  • DataStax Inc. - UX

    Providing UX samples for blog posts, case studies, and core website pages.

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  • DataStax Inc. - Design Ops

    Designing creative request and asset management workflows with Asana, Slack, and Canva.

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  • Barbless Co. - UX

    Developing an iOS app for anglers, integrating live data for a real-time tracking experience.

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  • Donor Desk - UX/UI

    Leading product management and designing UX/UI for administrative interfaces.

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  • - UX/UI

    Creating a landing page to boost podcast production service engagements and lead captures.

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